Plugins Outage? 4/28/2023

all calls to endpoints are hanging indefinitely with no calls being made as of 7pm PST today. Is there a known outage?

I verified this with previously tested and working code that no longer gets called


Same. All the plugins are hanging. Took me a while to realize it wasn’t me.

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It seemed to have started at 00:00 UTC - 5 PM PT.
The outbound API calls are not being made to the plugin endpoints.
Even the verified plugins like Wolfram!


Same here.
I tried logging out of ChatGPT and login again, and now getting this error:
(from api/auth/session)
failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 ()

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I am seeing the same issue on my end as of 11PM EST.

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Unfortunately ran into this while recording my video for plugin submission.

Had to go grab saved conversations from the plugin rather then be able to record them live :scream:

Hopefully it gets cleared up soon!

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Been down for 12hrs+ now.

Would be useful if there was a status entry for them here:

Right now I just keep trying to get wolfram to tell me the Pythagorean theorem formula to see if its working again.

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@logankilpatrick any info you have regarding this?

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Keeping an eye out here for more information. Glad I saw this to confirm. The hang-up was driving me crazy, questioning all of my code. The outage happened while I was tweaking mine. :slight_smile:

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My localhost plugin works fine. the hosted clone has been failing as you describe for a while - the chat page fails in the browser javascript following the final call to the moderation endpoint, just before, for localhost, it actually calls the plugin endpoint. (maybe for hosted it doesn’t make the call from the browser directly to the plugin?)

Are there any updates to the outage or communications about the outage? (04/29/23)

Just checked and it seems to be working now for me

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Wolfram is back and so are plugins under development. Have fun all!

anyone experiencing issue “Failed to fetch localhost manifest. Check to ensure your localhost is running and your localhost server has CORS enabled.”?

The plugins are down again… 12:20 AM PT April 30 :man_facepalming:

Chatgpt is not working for me completely :sob::skull:
Just a loading wheel spinning forever. I can’t use chatgpt anywhere omg

It’s currently working, 2023-05-01 12pm Pacific.

Smells like some capacity issue related to the rollout of the new browser and code interpreter models + plugin.