Information about Plugins in Plugin Store

Is there any way to get details about a plugin in the Plugin store, i.e. who made it, an example of how to use it, perhaps contact information for the author?


After seeing screenshot by @shane.isbell below

Using Google Chrome

  1. Open
  2. Press F12 to open Google Chrome Developer tools
  3. Go back to ChatGPT web interface and select a ChatGPT plugin and install
  4. Go back to Google Chrome Developer tools
  5. In top menu of Google Chrome select Network
  6. In 3rd layer of menus select All
  7. Under Name select user-settings
  8. In the Preview panel expand manifest

To see the openapi.yaml

  1. Expand api line
  2. Right click url line
  3. Copy value
  4. Paste value (url) into Chrome

Note: To uninstall a ChatGPT plugin once installed find the plugin and where it use to read install it now reads uninstall.

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Are you aware of the manifest file, e.g.

Who made it and contact information are in there.

Plugins also have an API file openai_api.yaml

Here is a real one


@EricGT - That sort of info would be great

But I am looking at the Plugin store and only see the option to “Install.” Am I missing something very simple? How do I Download or View the Manifest and Yaml data?

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Now you have me looking into how to get the YAML files for store plugins.
Will post here if I figure it out.

Some are listed in this file.

Still looking.

Update 05/13/2023

This unofficial site appears to stay updated with the list of OpenAI ChatGPT plugins and while I have not checked every item in the list, seems that links to the desired JSON files are provided.

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It is possible to get the information - what are you planning on using it for?

Thanks - I am interested in the content for several reasons:

  • To understand features of a plugin in order to guide me on how to construct a prompt using the plugin, how to create a Zapier NLP action that uses the plugin, and/or how to weigh the accuracy of information from the plugin

  • Potentially to tweak a plugin to use a different API endpoint or different filters - for example perhaps I am experimenting with scholarly literature and would like to try a different source for content than the plugin uses

  • To learn by example - Viewing sample plugins may be helpful for me to understand techniques and concepts that can be used in other plugins that I then write

You can check out this plugin which is on Plugin Store as Keymate.AI Search Plugin for Chatgpt GitHub - ReminisApp/websearch-chatgpt-plugin
That can give you an example. Feel free to fork and improve it or deploy your own version

I was thinking the same thing when I was looking through plugins in the store just to see what’s available. The descriptions are very short, there’s no examples, and no information about the author. Neither the manifest or openapi yaml file have author information. It would be nice to be able to click on a plugin and get more information before you install it. There could be a link to an author’s website with a more detailed description and examples.

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Use dev tools to see network traffic .


here is a copy of the 71 plugins info, check at:

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