Plugin Submission Status: "Waiting on you" to "Closed" before I had a chance to fix


I just received the message telling my submission had been reviewed, but that I forgot to put my legal link in properly (rookie versioning mistake during dev), and it was in the “Waiting on you” status at ~10am. It said I could resubmit the manifest and then reply in the current ticket thread once I was finished in order to move forward. The problem was I actually saw this email at about 5pm, and by the time I had a chance to resubmit, my ticket was CLOSED at ~6pm.

I’ve already resubmitted, but it sure felt like that message was saying if I made the fix and responded to the ticket, that it would be reviewed quickly since the ticket had been open for a week. With it closed, it seems like I’m back at the end of the queue because I didn’t respond within during the same day. I really hope that’s not the case, because that feels pretty savage haha.

Regardless, I appreciate the consideration. Just a bit of a rollercoaster!

< 24 hrs sure seems harsh. The process could be better communicated with us devs. But I do respect that the whole plugin idea is in beta so it is not their primary concern. I guess it is up to us to make cool stuff, stay on top of the process, and give them some leeway to improve things as we go.

Logan just posted on twitter to message him there if you are having trouble getting plugins approved. @OfficialLoganK

Thanks for the heads up! I probably wouldn’t have looked until morning haha.

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