Resubmitting plugin takes time to re-verify

We recently resubmitted our plugin, Accurate PDF for re-verification as we added Oauth.

But, over the weekend, got no response from the team, not even an acknowledgement.

Are the review team off? Should we expect longer times to get back in the store?

The issue with these reverifications is users of the plugins are sending emails and complaining that they want the plugin back



Most B2B services do not operate on weekends. Plugin approval has no set timeline, if there are lots of submissions, it will take longer. Please hang in there.

Hi, it’s plug-in re-approval which is supposed to be quicker, not first approval.

Hi, where does it state that re-approval is quicker?

Logan has stated on Twitter and other places that the resubmission of a previously approved plugin is way faster.

Him and others have suggested to re-submit during the early morning hours, usually on Mondays, and approval can happen within a manner of hours.

I was lucky enough to for my resubmission to be approved same-day.

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Good to know, thanks. I usually follow logans posts fairly closely, must of missed that one.