Inquiry Regarding the Duration of Plugin Review Process

After receiving feedback on a minor correction (punctuation) in the document during the plugin review, I resubmitted it, causing the plugin review process to be labeled as ‘in progress.’ This status was updated 12 days ago, on May 20th (Saturday).

Since then, I have received no updates regarding the progress, and I am curious about when the review is expected to be complete.

I understand that guaranteeing a fixed timeframe for each review process can be challenging, yet if the average duration can be determined, it would help to alleviate my concerns and assist in planning.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time out of your busy schedule to provide information on this matter.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


I’m in a similar position. We submitted our plugin 8 days ago and it looks like the ticket hasn’t been touched. I know Logan and team are working extremely hard and are very understaffed considering the demand. Not sure there’s anything to do, but I’m in the same boat.