Plug-in submission approval time

I was wondering, how long does it take for a plugin to be reviewed?

I have sent a submission for a plugin review over 10days ago (on 24th May) and didn’t hear back from OpenAI so far.

Anyone experienced similar issue?

Hi Stefano,

My plug-in was submitted for verification May 23. It was available in the plug-in store May 31. Two days later, on Jun 2, I received email notification that it was verified. So check the store and your logs, it may get verified a couple days before you are notified.



Hi stefanopochet,

It took us about 10 days to get reviewed as well. I think you can expect your plugin to be reviewed sometime this coming week. Good luck and let us know if there’s any way we can help.

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Thanks for your clarification guys, it has been helpful,

Hi @rwaldin & @agi,

Glad to hear you got your plug-ins listed in the store!

How long was the whole process from applying for the waitlist to listed in the store? Please share the plugin names too.

Thanks for starting this topic @stefanopochet!

Oh no @Ionic
Plugin hasn’t actually been approved!
Will keep you updated.

PS: If you would like to have a look this is my ai-plugin.json (had to include it as an image because links are not allowed)


It’s a plugin that provide a simple (but sometimes useful) functionality
I am waiting for approval to understand the whole process and then I am looking forward to develop more interesting (and complicated :slight_smile: ) plugins!

Our ticket was moved to “Completed” with no text, is that the same as approval?

I still cannot see our plugin in the store though.

Seems weird.

We also got a response from OpenAI (there was an error in the description text).
I guess there has been some kind of pre-approval by openai

Yesterday my ticket as well has been marked as “Resolved”, still the plugin is not available in the store …

I got the exact same issue, who reviewd your ticket? Did the name start with E? maybe its that reviewers style to not leave a message.

I actually got responses from more than one person.
I think (and hope) it was some kind of pre-approval … and in few days we should finally be live …

I was told that my plugin was approved and will go live last Friday, I told them to hold off until Monday to make some changes, but immediately emailed them back that I made the changes and they can publish it. The ticket was marked as resolved and there’s no way to reach to them! :confused: , I wish I didn’t ask them to delay publishing the plugin.

Still no news and over 3 weeks passed since submission (and 3 days since “submission ticket resolved”).
At this point I am guessing there is some kind of filter in which plugin gets published first.

I am an indie hacker/solopreneur and was thinking to dedicate the next 2-3 months to plugin development, however the unclear submission process will hold me back to develop more plugins …

It’s clearly a preview version of the plugin store product. I do give them credit for releasing early to the dev community so we can start thinking about the space. The downside is we can’t get our work out there for sharing, feedback or even improvements. Personally, I also won’t spend much more time on developing a plugin for the store. Its still fun to play around with some concepts with a local plugin.

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It must be dependent on who is reviewing. I had a very smooth and communicative process getting mine approved. Granted there wasn’t a lot of back and forth, but I knew when something needed changing and when it was approved. They may be working out the kinks in the process. They went from 35 to 44 pages of plugins from Thu to today.

Side note that I actually have a plugin ready to go into the approval process that allows search for plugins by name, description or category (a buddy has a Notion document keeping track of the entire set). Kind of fun to have ChatGPT search for its own plugins.

I got notice to fix an error this morning, but didn’t see the email until this evening. They closed the ticket from “Waiting on you” to “Resolved” before the day was over. Seems like I’m starting over? Did you have any of your submission tickets “resolved” and had to start a new submission at all, or did you catch every message in time?

I caught mine within time I guess. It was only a couple of hours. I will keep that timing in mind for future plugins!

They are definitely working weekends. This is not that unusual for startups. My plugin is going through the review process and they have pinged me a couple of times this weekend.

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