Has anyone else’s plugin been escalated to OpenAI Trust and Safety team?

Hey guys,

So I resubmitted my plugin approx 2 days ago. It was rejected the first time around because we put the wrong API link. All good. They got around to that rejection in about 12 hours.

Now here’s what’s confusing 36 hours after the initial rejection and subsequent resubmission (48 hours total) we got this message yesterday “We are notifying you that the review process is still ongoing and your plugin has been escalated to our Trust and Safety team for further review.”

Has anyone else dealt with the Trust And Safety team? Does this mean something is non-compliant?

This wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact it’s costing us thousands of potential users. Now it’s nearly 72 hours with no resolution in sight. We have users reaching out asking what happened and people trying to download it from the ChatGPT store with no luck.

We also have another plugin that was escalated to trust and safety as well (SubstackIQ). But that’s more experimental so not a big concern on time.

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At PluginLab one of our customers actually faced the same process.

We don’t know the reason though.

I’m curious to know how it goes for you as well.


Yes, we received that message 24 hours after our 2nd resubmission. Has been 48 hours since we received that escalation message. No further response from them yet…

I’ll share an update when I get it. Did your customer get it resolved within 72 hours?

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Actually, I don’t think so. But I’m not sure.

This is concerning. Did they get it resolved at all?

We only changed the “description for human” in the manifest file to show up under more relevant terms in the plugin store. No other changes besides that. And it was only a couple words.

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I mean, this occurred one or two days ago. So for now it’s still under review :confused:


My plugin was 2 weeks in review before going to the Trust and Safety team. It has been just over a week awaiting the Trust and Safety team review. I’m not sure how long the entire process will take. My app is a proxy to other OpenAPI services so I understand the reason for review.

I’m 99% sure I followed all the rules so if its escalated it is likely a case they haven’t considered. If it is rejected, I would expect OpenAI to update their plugin rules to account for this new case.

This wasn’t a plugin that was previously approved was it? Both of my plugins have been approved and were in the store for approx 3 weeks. That’s why I’m confused it would be escalated to trust and safety. At this point, we’d revert our changes if we’ll be out of the store for 2 weeks.

Hey! Will get it checked out, in general, automated trust and safety scoring flags plugins for manual review to our T&S team. Hang tight!


Thank you for the quick response! The main app is DeployScript and the other is SubstackIQ

Any updates on this? We have a lot of users reaching out to us asking what happened and a few trying to download it to their new ChatGPT account.

It’s been 4 days and is costing us a lot of users. Lmk if I can clarify in anyway. We can revert it at this point if it’ll get us re-listed.

Same issue for us. Existing plugin (DAIZY) re-submitted after we made some updates and now we’ve been stuck in the Trust & Safety review for 4 days. Really hurting us.

Any update on this would be great.

Mine sat in Trust And Safety team review for about 12 days. They wanted additional changes. I went ahead and closed the submission request. This is for two reasons. First, the safety concerns make doing really cool stuff difficult. Second, the approval process is too long to support rapid development and feedback. It’s is easier to use the APIs directly to build apps. I can release fast and I can manage the safety issues myself. I’ll exit the plugin development for now, although I’ll keep an eye on the space as it could hold some promise in the future.

Update: It was approved 2 days ago. Thank you Luke and the OpenAI team!

For future reference to potentially preventing your update from triggering safety and trust:

Make sure your plugin functioning flawlessly before submitting. I’m both cases we made a mistake in the initial submission.

  1. Incorrect API url
  2. Listed a URL as http instead of https

Hopefully this helps someone


My App went in for Trust and safety review on Friday. I am not sure what it means. It would be great if there were some more questions that we can answer in the bot submission to help any trust and safety reviewer. OR knowing up front what trust and safety is specifically interested in with apps. We are building a plugin that connects to our recruitment CRM,

same but now it’s been coming up on a month since I submitted and still not much help.

HI @robertvnava , when did your plugin go to Trust and Safety? I am coming up on a week in Trust and Safety and trying to work out how to proceed.

@logankilpatrick are you able to check the status?

Our plugin was in trust & safety for just over 2 weeks.

After making changes based on their feedback, upon the re-submission our plugin skipped the hands-on review and went back to trust & safety within an hour.

So at least upon resubmission it seems like it takes a direct path to the group that rejected the submission…

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I have hit the 2 week mark in trust and safety and have had no response. Does anyone have ideas of other paths I can take to try and get an answer?