Plugin store size and install new plugin

Hey there!

I finally got access to the Plugins today!! :clap:

But when I review the store… there is just 11 plugins available to install … so… is that normal? I guess there should be much more… I had heard about Retrieval one for instance, but it is not there… and also even if I develop one own plugin… I do not see the option to install it…

I do not even see any other option apart from the link to About plugins…

Could you help me with all these questions I have?

Thanks in advance!


I got access today too and I have 11 plugins in the store. I also got access to “…with browsing” and “interpreter”

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I think you may currently just have access as a plug-in user but not developer. I think I read something about that in the docs.

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Yes! I also have that same

So… I guess maybe the wait list for being a developer and to be able to install other plugins is an independent one…?

That’s wild. I have developer access but not the Math and Coding plugins haha! Might be because of updates and such today. I bet there some changes coming over the weekend because next submission deadline is today.

Yes I think they might be. Where did you sign up?

I submit both options in different sign up forms … so, I do not really know what is what I have and do not have now… hehe

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I Can’t wait to get access! I have been in the waitlist awhile but it’s normal to have a limited amount of plugins. Reach out to OpenAI for any questions!

is there supposed to be another waitlist for the code interpreter and the web browser? because I only have access to the plug-ins

I do not really know what is the management of the waitlists from them…

But it seems so… depending on how you fill out the form in ChatGPT plugins waitlist, you will be in one or another -type- of wait list…

What is submission deadline?