Is there a way to ask for inclusion into the official list of ChatGPT Plugins?

Are there requirements, and steps, a developer can follow to be included in the list of official ChatGPT Plugins?

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Hi @gennero! Sure, you will have priority access if you already are a Plus Subscriber of OpenAI as a developer.

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thanks for the quick answer! I mean as a plugin developer. So we developed some unverified plugins for ChatGPT. How do we move forward in having those approved as official plugins available to users in ChatGPT?

Hey! You should have gotten an email with the link to submit a plugin for review in the next batch.


And don’t forget today is the last day to be considered for the first batch!


Wow! Thanks. Where can I submit my plugin?

Check your OpenAI Plugin Developer Access invitation email. There’s a link towards the bottom

What do batches mean exactly? Is there any news on what happens next at all?

What happens if we release certain functionality as part of the submission, and then release something else thats way more disruptive the day of official plugins release? Is that a possibility?