Plugin returning paywalled content

I developed a plugin for a Canadian newspaper that uses a paywall. The embeddings use full-length articles but the source URLs contained in the meta are paywalled. This (my second plugin) has been in review for 10 days as of now. My first plugin was verified the same day.

Does anyone have experience with getting plugins verified that return paywalled sources? Are there rules around this that I might have missed? Or, perhaps my issue is that I have more than one plugin – can anyone confirm that they have multiple plugins deployed using the same OpenAI account?

I think you will likely run into issues. OpenAI took down the entire Browse with Bing model for this entire reason.

If there is any possibility your plugin can return paywalled content the user wouldn’t otherwise have access to i should expect OpenAI will not allow that plugin into the plugin store.


I expect unless your company name actually is {Canadian Newspaper}.

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