How can I track progress of ChatGPT Plugin Reviews?

There are some gray area plugins that I understand are hard to get approval for, such as a Web Search Plugin that uses Google, etc. (even though it does not name Google at all). Is there anyone’s plugin which has been approved like this?

Plugins which use 3rd party API’s, like google’s search API, are allowed in the plugin store so long as you are not claiming to have made a “Google” plugin. On the flip side, it’s unclear that it makes sense for some individual dev to take on the burden of running a google plugin given the costs.

I think of it as a marketing cost. I have a product powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs. Whether I’m an individual developer or a VC-backed IPO tech company, I think I should be treated fairly. No one can know if I’m a billionaire or have good access to provide good products to the masses if my branded web search plugin gets approved.

To be specific, I have an iOS chatbot keyboard and I am happy to lend the costs for a web search plugin for its brand marketing. It shouldn’t be related to the developer’s identity. Otherwise, it means plugins get approved via a credibility score, which further widens the economic inequality gap.

This was also an issue when a new API was launched. I discussed this before on Reddit 2 years ago, before Chatgpt even wasn’t a thing on the horizon.

I think something similar is coming with Chatgpt plugins. VC-backed companies can build and get approval for web search plugins, while as an individual developer I cannot? The same policy, same issue, further widens the inequality gap. It should be treated fairly, in a first-come, first-served fashion.

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