This plugin's service doesn't align with ChatGPT's accepted use cases

Hello everyone,

I recently submitted a plugin for review to the ChatGPT plugin store, but unfortunately, it was not approved.

The reason provided by the OpenAI team was that the plugin’s service doesn’t align with ChatGPT’s accepted use cases, specifically mentioning that an image/video-generating plugin cannot be approved at this time.

I’m reaching out to the developer community forum to seek clarification on this matter. I believe there may have been a misunderstanding, as the plugin offers functionality for creating videos from prompts. To help explain the plugin’s capabilities, I have prepared a brief video demonstration that you can watch here:

I kindly request assistance from the community to understand if anyone else has encountered a similar situation or has insights into the rejection reason provided by the OpenAI team. It would be immensely helpful to receive feedback or suggestions on how to address this issue and potentially resubmit the plugin for review.

I greatly appreciate your support and input in this matter. Thank you in advance for any information or guidance you can provide.

Best regards,


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I don’t work for OpenAI, but if I had to guess it would be one of these,

  • Consumer-facing uses of our models in medical, financial, and legal industries; in news generation or news summarization; and where else warranted, must provide a disclaimer to users informing them that AI is being used and of its potential limitations.
  • Use of model outputs in livestreams, demonstrations, and research are subject to our Sharing & Publication Policy.
  • Plugins that distribute personal communications or content generated by ChatGPT (such as emails, messages, or other content) must indicate that the content was AI-generated.
  • Plugin enforces user confirmation before taking an action (see Zapier for an example of this)
  • If the plugin takes actions in the world, it needs to use OAuth

Unrelated to specific rules or guidelines, your plugin (at least what I can tell from the video you posted, specifically targets children—anytime you’re doing that you’re going to have greatly enhanced scrutiny.

But, my suspicion is they are just wary of approving plugins which generate audio and video because of the huge potential for abuse.