[Plugin] 🌸 Introducing Algorithma: The AI-Powered Life Simulator Game Created by My 10-Year-Old Daughter for the ChatGPT Plug-In Store - Experience Life Through a Voice or Text Interface! (Beta Testers Wanted - Comment & Share to Join Beta)

Built by 10-year-old Isla, an AI programmer in Canada.

Title: Algorithma

Genre: Life Simulation

Objective: In Algorithma, players take on the role of a virtual character and navigate through various life scenarios. The objective of the game is to make decisions that will shape the character’s life and influence their experiences. Players can explore different paths, achieve goals, and face challenges as they progress through the game.


  • Players start by creating a virtual character, customizing their appearance, background, and attributes.
  • The game presents players with a series of scenarios and choices that they must make for their character. These choices can include career decisions, relationships, financial management, and more.
  • Each choice has consequences that affect the character’s life, leading to different outcomes and experiences.
  • Players can interact with other virtual characters, build relationships, and participate in various activities.
  • The game features a dynamic world that evolves based on the player’s choices and actions.
  • Players can pursue various goals, such as achieving career success, building a family, or exploring the world.
  • The game has no fixed ending, and players can continue to shape their character’s life as they see fit.

Key Features:

  • Immersive life simulation with a wide range of scenarios and choices.
  • Dynamic world that responds to player decisions.
  • Character customization and progression.
  • Relationship building and social interactions.
  • Diverse activities and events to participate in.
  • Multiple paths and endings based on player choices.

Themes: Algorithma offers a variety of themes that players can choose from to further enhance their gameplay experience. These themes provide an educational context and unique settings for the character’s journey:

  • Roman Times: Experience life in ancient Rome, complete with gladiators, emperors, and togas.
  • American Revolution: Join the fight for independence in colonial America and witness the birth of a nation.
  • Futuristic City: Explore a technologically advanced city of the future, where AI and robotics are part of everyday life.
  • Space Station: Embark on an interstellar adventure aboard a space station, encountering aliens and exploring the cosmos.
  • Movie You Love: Live out your favorite movie plot and become the star of your own cinematic adventure.

Algorithma offers players a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of life and make meaningful decisions that shape their character’s journey. Whether players choose to focus on career success, personal relationships, or self-discovery, the game provides a rich and engaging experience that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.


I’ll help her with a few bugs you see at the beginning but this all her work.


First of, congratulations on the plugin development, seems like it’s coming along very nicely! The game your daughter made sounds like a great way to spend a few hours, big thumbs up from me, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her!

Keep in mind that your post might rub some people the wrong way, there’s a lot of people on this forum still on the waitlist for plugin access, myself include, who has nothing better to do than to sit and read the plugin documentation and rules that say:

You must be at least 13 years old to use the Services. If you are under 18 you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use the Services.

It’s the first rule in the terms of service, your 10 year old daughter is not allowed to use OpenAI’s services, your permission doesn’t matter until she’s 13.

you should probably read the TOS before you end up in more trouble. In this community we need to help one another follow the rules so that everyone can have positive experience.

Plugins you build and how you talk about it influence how the broader world perceives technologies like this. Please use your best judgement when developing plugins as your actions may reflect the community as a whole.

Interesting points. Honesty is the best policy; she is 10 and she built it. I guess I’ll hold off submitting it if it’s against the TOS.

Can some at OpenAi tell me what to do here? It’s pretty cool app and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

I believe it! Children can have the most amazing imagination, with a little help and the right tools you can create the most amazing tales :laughing:

I think you can still do some legal hola hoop to get around this by listing your daughter as story author but yourself as creator. Here’s an example of this type of hoop jumping:

Operating on two minutes of sleep a night and fueled by a diet of birthday cake, gruff Axe Cop and his partner, Flute Cop, unleash their unique brand of vigilante justice on evildoers everywhere. The axe-wielding, mustachioed crime-fighter is the toughest superhero in existence during his adventures with loyal allies.

The whole story is completely made up by a 5 year old but it’s his adult brother who has producer credits, you should be able to do something similar

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Great work, Kudos!!
I want the beta, can you share it!!

Just list yourself as the main person involved with this and give her ‘side’ credits, essentially. It is still all hers. She knows that and you know that. And, once she is older, this stuff can switch to just her credit fully. Definitely don’t not put this up if she made this. That is SO badass, man! I can’t imagine how proud you are!!

I would be ecstatic if my son was remotely interested in this stuff… and he’s 15. A 10 year old putting this together is pretty amazing. Don’t let people on here or on Reddit get you down (and especially not her). Y’all should both be so proud. She is WORLDS ahead of her peers. So cool.

If y’all ever want to collaborate for building some kind of frontend/site for this outside of chatgpt, please hit me up!!

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very nice.
How do I join for beta…?
Pls Advise

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