🦄 Algorithma Game Plug-in is Live

:unicorn: My daughter Isla just beat out what is likely millions of people to launch the first Ai game (Algorithma) to be officially released on OpenAi ChatGPT using its new plug-in system. She may not know it now, but some-day she will be able say, when I was 10 years old I created the first game for OpenAi.

Here’s the overview of Algorithma

Algorithma, a life simulation game where your choices shape your character’s journey! Experience new adventures, make crucial decisions, and see where life takes you.

You’ll create your character with a name, gender, and country of birth.

You’ll make decisions throughout your character’s life, including education, career, relationships, and financial management.

You’ll manage your character’s wallet, including income, savings, debt, investments, and taxes.

You’ll adjust game preferences, such as text length, creativity, and more.

You’ll experience different story modes including the default set on 2044 Ai City of Algorithma, a city created and controlled by AI with an Asian cyberpunk style as well as other time frame like Ancient Rome, the old west, your favourite movie or any number of other infinite possibilities.

Let’s create your story together!

To begin your journey, please provide the following details:

  • Your character’s name
  • Your character’s gender (male, female, non-binary)
  • Your character’s country of birth

You can also type /help for settings and options.

A game by Isla & rUv.


Cool, please do share a write-up of the process if you can find the time!

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She built it using replit in python and my various tools.

She’s been programming since she was 6, which was 4 years ago.

You can find my various scripts on my GitHub.

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Way to go! Congratulations. Good luck with it.

Hey rUv, I am surprised to learn that it is developed by a 10-year-old girl! I have played around with this plugin for the past two days, and I have to admit I was a bit too harsh on the developer when finding out some immature designs.

However, honest user feedback always helps one grow. Here is what I found and maybe you can share it with your little princess:

  1. It would be more user friendly to break the plugin description to two sentences - just split before “to begin …”. And change “with in” to “within”.
  2. I have tried multiple times to begin the conversation with “/start”, but it never begin right away as the description says.
  3. During game play, sometimes text for developer shows up in ChatGPT response which confuses player.
  4. When making decision, if user follows the instruction to type in the number (that represents the action), it gets an error; but entering the whole action text will return a valid next step.

The above are some observations from me. Some of the challenges might come from the limitation of ChatGPT or the plugin architecture itself. Anyway, impressive job done by Isla! This is the first ever game and also has the first ever GIF I have seen in ChatGPT Plugins!

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This is great feedback and we have lots of work to do to make this better. Appreciate all the support.