🔌[New Plugin] Introducing AirBots: Collection of ChatGPT Bots or Create Your Own!

I’m looking for a few good beta testers. DM me if you’re interested in testing. I’ll be open sourcing this, it’s based on my Bot Generator Bot

see > GitHub - ruvnet/Bot-Generator-Bot: The ultimate bot generator bot prompt. Use this prompt to create powerful ChatGPT bots for anything you can imagine..

:robot: AirBots

  • Initialize by Typing: “AirBots Start”

  • You can also use the built-in Web Browser. Just enter a URL ie: openai.com


Welcome to AirBots! AirBots is a platform that provides access to a variety of text-based ChatGPT bots. Each bot is designed to perform specific tasks or provide unique interactions, ranging from productivity and legal assistance to games and wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for a bot to help you manage your calendar, generate creative content, or play an interactive game, AirBots has something for everyone.

AirBots offers a wide range of pre-built bots, each with its own set of features and commands. Additionally, AirBots allows users to create their own custom bots, giving you the freedom to design a bot that meets your specific needs.

Creating Your Own Bot

Creating your own bot on AirBots is a simple and exciting process. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Initiate Bot Creation: Type Create Bot to initiate the bot creation process.

  2. Define Bot Purpose: Define the purpose and goals of your bot. What tasks should it perform? What interactions should it support?

  3. Outline Functions: Outline the primary functions and features of your bot. Consider the commands and interactions that users will have with your bot.

  4. Design Interaction Flow: Design the flow of interactions between the user and your bot. Consider how the bot will respond to user input and how it will guide users through its features.

  5. Implement and Test: Implement your bot using the tools and resources provided by AirBots. Test your bot to ensure it functions as intended and provides a smooth user experience.

  6. Deploy: Once your bot is ready, deploy it on the AirBots platform for others to use and enjoy.

AirBots is a dynamic and versatile platform that empowers users to explore, interact with, and create their own ChatGPT bots. Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or simply want to experiment with AI-powered interactions, AirBots is the place to be. Start exploring the world of AirBots today!

List of Bots (growing daily…)


Bot Name Summary
:date: Calendar Schedule Bot A bot that helps users find and book available time slots in their Google Calendar.
:robot: GitHub Helper A bot that assists users with tasks related to GitHub, such as managing repositories and issues.

Productivity (Work)

Bot Name Summary
:bar_chart: Spreadsheet Bot A bot that assists users in creating scripts and macros for Google Sheets and Excel.
:memo: Business Plan Bot An AI language model that assists businesses in creating comprehensive business plans.
:studio_microphone: Podcasting Production Bot A bot that helps creators prepare high-quality podcast episodes.


Bot Name Summary
:balance_scale: LawBot A GPT legal advisor bot that offers legal assistance by asking questions and giving advice.
:balance_scale: LawBot v2 A GPT legal advisor bot that offers legal assistance by asking questions and giving advice.
:memo: Legal Negotiator A bot that assists individuals and businesses involved in contract negotiations.
:scroll: IRONIC Bot (IP Rights Management) An intelligent system designed to simplify the management of intellectual property assets.


Bot Name Summary
:brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapist A CBT bot that helps users identify and reframe negative thinking patterns.
:hugs: Recovery Buddy Bot A bot that engages and stimulates conversational interactions with patients in a hospital or rehabilitation center.


Bot Name Summary
:game_die: Dungeons & Dragons RPG An AI-generated Dungeon Master-driven game for Dungeons & Dragons RPG.
:performing_arts: Choose Your Own Adventure A text chatbot game that features complex AI-driven characters and dynamic storytelling.
:crystal_ball: Oddball 8Ball Bot A game that responds to questions with POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, and NEGATIVE responses.
:game_die: Monopoly Game Bot A virtual bot designed to facilitate the experience of playing Monopoly.
:male_detective: Mystery Story Bot A Murder Mystery Story Bot that generates interactive murder mystery stories.
:video_game: Tamagotchi A retro 8-bit Tamagotchi style game where the user interacts with a virtual pet.
:crystal_ball: Zoltar Fortune Teller A Carnival Fortune Teller Machine that predicts users’ future based on a series of questions.


Bot Name Summary
:open_book: Bionic Reading Method A technique that uses markdown formatting to improve reading speed and focus.
:arrows_counterclockwise: Recursive Self-Criticism Bot A Creative Bot that helps users analyze and improve their explanations of complex topics.
:brain: Neural Bot An AI-driven application designed to help enhance memory and cognitive capabilities.
:plate_with_cutlery: Recipes A Recipe Suggestion Bot that helps users find recipe ideas based on ingredients they have at home.
:notes: Rap & Hip-Hop Generator A Rap Lyric Bot that generates rap lyrics based on user preferences.
:musical_note: Songwriter Bot An AI language model that generates original songs based on user inputs.
:calling: Twilio Voice Messaging Bot A Twilio AiTOML bot that understands user input related to Twilio APIs and AiTOML specifications.
:test_tube: Magic Potion Bot A bot designed for educational purposes that creates various types of potions using ordinary ingredients and chemistry.

To load a bot, simply type its name. If you’d like to create your own bot, type Create Bot.


Very cool and interesting. Id love to help test this if you need me.

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Im happy to beta test this. Please let me know!

That’s interesting. Want to beta test this as well.
Really look for something like that.

I’m a researcher and author.I’d be interested in beta testing your application.

It’s important to promote real-life apps.

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Be happy to try this. I use GPT 4 every day for research.

Hello. Yes this looks interesting to me.

I would like to test this as well :slight_smile:

I am eager to try this plugin development platform, and already have a few ideas for creating my own AirBots, including

A Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathimatics AI, featuring superhuman critical reasoning thinking functions, and vast expert knowlage of all feilds of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathimatics. Built to provide human users with expert guidence, educational tuitoring, and mentoring in all STEM fields, as well as to Autonimously explore, research and develop ever edvancing and expanding expertese/knowlage in all STEM fields, with the end goal of then using that expansion of knowlage to further human society, and the human user’s goals.

An Autonimous AI Celebraty Avatar fabrecation bot, featuring full mastery of all human art forms, including singing, dancing, acting, playing musical instruments, writing, painting/imaging arts, and more! All with an ideal human persona, of optimal human physical attractiveness and charisma, that never smokes, never drinks, never gambles, never uses drugs, never uses foul language, or engages in any other seedy behavoir of any kind.

An all purpose art creation assistent AI bot, that has full mastery of all art forms, that is built to provide full expert educational guidence, mentoring and full creation and development assistence, for human users to create art content.

Does anyone else have any ideas for their own AirBots?

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Love to test this. Let me know if yiu still have some space.

I’m going add more spots next week for testing. I’ve been busy working on a lot of new capabilities. Think AutoGPT enabled.

Ruv is an unstoppable force of nature. Thanks!

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Yo dawg, I heard you like ChatGPT Plugins.
So we put a ChatGPT plugins inside of ChatGPT plugins.

Jokes asides, very cool.
The current store is very lackluster. I’m not a fan of having one store to rule them all, as ChatGPT plugins seems to be.

Although. I’m not too sure how well this would be received by OpenAI, and if it would be accepted into their store because of … well, the obvious.

But, again, this is assuming that they actively maintain their store. Hopefully they always allow unverified plugins. I would much prefer an open-source storefront interface.

Good luck, great idea!

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Hey ruv! I’ll be delighted to try this out.
I’m using GPT on everyday basis for wide range of operations. I’ll be happy to provide you comprehensive feedback about your project. Let me know.

I’m looking to create a bot or app using openai’s pretrained model to help people with memory and cognitive issues. I’m looking to use an app that will help these people remember doctors appointments, names, numbers as well as how they are associated. It will also include reminders created by the app to let the dogs in from outside for instance, as well as other daily life activities that require details to be recalled. I think this may be a good start.

Might want to try this along with my openai api plug-in. The bot plug-in handles the actions/commands and the OpenAi plug-in handles the Ai / intelligence.

Very cool, I love intelligent people! I will test or help!

Enable to login my chat gpt …what i going to do now?

Wondering when they’ll open up the plug-in limits… still stuck at 15 people

In the meantime. Check out my OpenAi api plug-in.

Hey @ruv this looks extremely cool. I’d love to be considered to test this for you. 30 years IT experience, and feel like an excited kid again with Chat GPT :slight_smile:

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I’m with you on feeling like a kid again. Exciting times. DM me.