Can't submit new or update existing OAuth plugins

There’s a known issue ( 1, 2, 3) with the OAuth plugin installation.

As a result, the OpenAI team doesn’t approve new or updated plugins that require authorization.

I tried to install the plugin by myself using the There was an error but I could use the plugin after the installation.

We’re literally blocked. No existing OAuth plugins can be updated, no new plugins can be added.

@logankilpatrick please look at this. I tried everything, from uninstall/install to the incognito tab. Nothing helped.

Please check this thread and see if is the same issue

Yes, that’s me commenting and the same issue. As I I said, the issue seems to be on the OpenAI side.

Hopefully you saw the acknowledgement from OpenAI, so it is being looked into, at this point we can only wait for the support team to investigate the issue.