Urgent Assistance Needed: Plugin Installation Errors from Online Store

I am writing to report a critical issue that our users, as well as our team, are experiencing with the installation of our developed plugins: AppCreator, ArticleCreator, and DecisionConsultant.

Recently, approximately 60% of our users have encountered an error message stating, “Couldn’t log in with plugin,” while attempting to install these plugins from the online plugin store. Upon further investigation and multiple test installations and uninstallations from the plugin store, our team replicated the same issue. However, it’s noteworthy that the installation proceeds less problems when we use the “Install an unverified plugin” option and input the domain manually.

Our in-depth analysis and system log reviews suggest that the issue arises after the redirection to the specified redirect_uri. It appears that ChatGPT fails to complete the OAuth flow. Specifically, ChatGPT does not initiate a POST request to the authorization_url , leading to the aforementioned error.

We suspect that there might be an underlying issue on your end that is causing this malfunction. Your prompt assistance in investigating and resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated, as it is impacting our user experience significantly.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue. We look forward to a swift resolution.
Thanks again

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We have the same problem with installing plugins.


same problem here too… but started with me today. I cant get a single plugin to list and I cant uninstall or install, and none worked when I did have them going.
its just a big mess… hope they fix this soon.


I have the same problem! I don’t know how to fix it.

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we have the same issue for Prompt Perfect with uses Oauth. We’re getting a lot of user inbound about it.

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Keep it up, Please logankilpatrick help us, Great Thanks!

Now It appears that ChatGPT fails to complete the OAuth flow go down to about 40%!!

Was this issue resolved? We are still encountering issues with Oauth.

Having the same problem with both plugins and gpts that use oauth. Not even the officially featured zapier gpt works for me in the oauth flow currently.