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Today I researched online to see what the status is for invite rollouts and noticed a post by @logankilpatrick stating “[e]veryone with an active plus subscription who was on the developer waitlist should now have access[.]” I can’t include a link to it for some reason, but for reference, the thread id is 220435 and post number is 17.

I joined the waitlist on May 20th, and have an active Plus subscription; unfortunately, it looks like I wasn’t included. I’m not sure if it was a technical error or a misunderstanding, so I’m just looking for clarity here.

I appreciate your time and thanks for reading.

Welcome to the forum.

I believe the twitter link you wanted is

Be advised that Logan is taking a break this week.


The forum link is

Hey Eric, appreciate the reply.

Ha, I wasn’t aware there was a Tweet as well! I was actually referring to a post on community.openai, but appreciate the linkout - it’s the same message essentially.

Regardless, I wasn’t aware that he’s taking a break, I’ll keep that in mind.

Thank you for keeping me in the loop!

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@logankilpatrick, I have an active plus subscription but I can not see Develop your own plugin. To make sure I have take, I joined ChatGPT Plugin waitlist for developer waitlist. It’s Urgent! Working on Client proof of concept by Friday. Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum!

I regret to inform you that granting immediate access to ChatGPT developer options for everyone posting similar lines on this forum could lead to complete chaos.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Logan is one of the few OpenAI employees who respond on this platform. You can check his activity for any posts that might be relevant to your query.

As a category moderator on this site, I’m afraid my capabilities are limited, and I lack the authority or additional insights to assist you or anyone else with the issue.

I am not an OpenAI employee.

Regardless of this users unrelated derail, it’s been more than a couple months since I requested access, so I think I’m not in the category of users begging for immediate access. It appears like Logan is back from his break as well. Do you know of any other employees I could contact for this @EricGT since you mentioned Logan is “one of the few OpenAI employees who respond on this platform”

Please do not not notify me for such, there is nothing I can do and no more information I can give you.

What was even the point of mentioning that there are other OpenAI employees?

Regardless, this interaction has soured my opinion of the service, and at this point I’ve cancelled my ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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