Plugin Declined by Trust and Safety Team with no additional note

Removed after just changing the OAS file, not the manifest: Plugin removed from store without changes to ai-plugin.json manifest

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Hey Cosmin,

Sorry you are getting some rather hostile/flippant replies. Rather than jumping to conclusions and assuming you are going a full on red team AI, I’d like to ask, are you doing more basic level penetration testing. For example, port scanning, service and version discovery, and exploit scanning? I think this would be great for DevSecOps teams. Bake it directly into the CI/CD pipeline for reviews.

While I agree, a full red team AI would probably get banned, I also know that is not necessarily the first or even the most important part of pen testing. Either way, I run a software development firm that does government contracting and did legacy migration for the eastern and western launch complexes for the Space Force. I know for a fact authorization to operate is a huge issue right now and dragging out their “Range of the Future” project which the space industry is relying on. So it is something that is extremely valuable, and I’d be willing to help out.

If you’d like, reach out to me in a DM and we can talk about your plugin. It’s very likely we can just get around the reliance of OpenAI by implementing it on other services. TBH, OpenAI doesn’t really have the time to seriously review these plugins with experts in every single domain. As you can see, half of the people in this thread are “omg hacker AI”, which could be the case, but nothing you have said has suggested that is indeed the case, but I suspect whoever reviewed it didn’t have enough information to make a good judgement call.

I don’t think the users of this forum are the sort to go down the “hacker AI” path, but they understand that the popular press are. Unfortunately, that means the likely response is going to be one of abundant caution during the introduction of AI, which for many of us is not a “new” thing, to the general public at scale.

Caution is fine, but us developers who build non-trivial plugins have to put in a lot of time, effort, and expense into building a plugin.

For OpenAI to reject a submission and not even provide the courtesy of a reasoning is just wrong.

Nevermind that sometimes they provide rejection reasons that aren’t documented in their “rules”. Or sometimes they will reject a plugin even though other plugins are already in the store doing the same functionality.

Many plugins in the store are therefore trivial, not much more than a single API wrapper (Earthquakes anyone?), or serve no purpose other than “lead generation” where a company just wants visibility in the store for the eyeballs. I’ve gone through all the hundreds of plugins myself. Most are junk.

Honest, hard innovation is being suppressed. OpenAI wants to ChatGPT to be Disney, where Disneyland is a safe place for all…but in the end it doesn’t really do anything useful b/c it is censored to death.


I understand where you are coming from, I think there are two main forces at work here, one is of perception, to us the devs on the outside looking in we see our app and a bunch of people we know on the forums, what we don’t see is the other thousands of people a day submitting plugins and a limited number of reviewers looking after that stream, I would imagine a lot of it is keyword or even AI filtered just to try and keep up. The second one is the need to keep the disruptive technology as publicly friendly as possible, and that will include things like not going down the adult entertainment route and not engaging in activities with a perceived (if it not actual) high risk associated with them. In time I am sure attitudes will relax, but right now… I kind of get it.

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Indeed, I have empathy for what it must be like on the reviewing side of the wall.

Yet I was an early iOS developer and the Apple store was far better in its initial days.

Sure the plugin review process can get better over time. But they are clearly understaffed and unprepared to deal with the volume of submissions.

I frankly think they should just close the plugin store and rethink their strategy. It’s pretty clear that the quality of accepted plugins is poor and they are afraid to let in non-trivial plugins unless they are from trusted partners.

In the end, a poorly functioning review process just makes developers mad and wastes their time and resources.


My Code Runner Plugin also got rejected with no additional notes, and it was already approved previously and we had similar plugins that executes code.

Check my post about it