Plugin Dall-E not available

I do not have access to the Dall-E plugin although I am a GPT plus… Any explanation ?
Is it just a waitlist issue ?

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Dall-E-3 will roll out to Plus users, I think about 25-30% currently have access, please be patient.

I haven’t got access either and it’s the main reason I subscribe, been using 3.5 for a long time and happy with it, a colleague show me DALL-E, so I did unsubscribe from midjourney to spend the double on ChatGpt. Hope it’s available soon🙏🏼

It’s available in Bing right now for free.

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@jijitho It’s a rolling rollout. If you want access immediately, use Bing.

still “rolling out”? :rofl: Why is it clearly stated on many OpenAI posts and the website itself, that subscribing provides you access to Dalle 3? That is clearly not the case, and it is very frustrating.

Do you have ChatGPT Plus? AFAIK, all ChatGPT Plus members should have Beta version of DALLE3 now.