ChatGPT Plus: No Credits for DALL.E?

I recently purchased ChatGPT Plus with the intention of using DALL.E. However, after navigating tot he DALL.E plugin, it says I do not have any credits.

Before purchasing DALL.E, there was language on ChatGPT website that implied the plugin was only available to ChatGPT Plus users. However, it would appear I still don’t have access after purchasing. What’s the deal?

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

The Dall-E plugin was a closed Alpha test that has now finished. If you wish to use Dall-e you will need to purchase dall-e image credits to use the service.


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is ChatGPT Plus still required to use DALL.E, or can it be used by anyone that buys credits?

By anyone with credit on the site.

Are you sure? I was just reading the “How DALL.E Credits Work” and it states that OpenAI Credits do not apply to DALL.E.

Indeed, You need Dall-E credit on the site, ChatGPT Plus membership ( does not count towards Dall-E credits, GPT-API credit balances ( similarly do not count.
You can obtain a supply of free credits to the tune of 4 a day by visiting OpenAI Discord and going to the Dall-E Daily Theme channel.


Thank you. A few free credits will be perfect for my needs.

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I did purchase DALL.E credits and I do not have the plug in.

@Foxalabs Sorry I’m a little lost, I’m Plus on chatGPT, what credit do I buy to use more of GPT Dall-E ? Can you post a link? Is it even possible to buy more credits for Gpt-Dall-E?

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@dariusz Purchasing credits was only necessary for the Dalle-2 model in the link @Foxalabs provided, there is currently no option to pay extra to add additional prompts to GPTs of any kind.

Your best option is to either wait to the Usage cap to raise, or set up the Dalle 3 API and an API account. There a lots of resources online to help you do this.

Is the Dalle 3 API aided by chat gpt ? I love how good the flow of conversation to creating can be where I Can fine tune the look by just chatting with bot. Is it the same via API ? Or I just get Dalle ? I have MJ and its pretty meh when I want to refine looks/etc. I tried gpt-Dalle today and it was epic. I could quickly get/tweak what I wanted.

You just get Dalle for the most part, you can probably make if conversational with a lot of extra work, but you’ll have to be good at coding to make that work.

Sounds like you might just have to wait it out unfortunately.

Duh, that is a bit useless by itself. Need gpt to drive the wheels. It works soo weel in chat where I can crate character, and then describe changes/camera/etc adjustments and it just “works” for most of the part. Amazing tool. Cant wait for it to be more released!