Please unbanned mistake were made

I ask my ban to please be lifted, j was in w discord trying out prompts and a few were in different websites (i didnt know that rules carried outside of site. I use this at work and wanted to get my employees on. Please any feed back or second chance would be so appreciated. :pray:

You’ll need to contact OpenAI at

That said, I am pretty sure they’re not going to be in a big hurry to reinstate anyone.

The lesson to anyone else reading this is this:

If you have access to cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, life-changing technology… Maybe don’t take it for granted and follow the rules.

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Please unbanned me I’m sorry for the N$FW please

Look OpenAI doesn’t want legal exposure more than what they already have. NSFW stuff includes lots of topics that can get them in trouble. Some of the NSFW content could be illegal in many countries. So depending on the requests you made its possible you could get reinstated or possibly the ban holds.

That said you are probably better off going to a broker than going directly to the source even if you have to pay a bit more. will give you access to the OpenAI models and they will filter the requests to try to keep both you, them and OpenAI out of trouble.

And if you want NSFW content then you should be using models hosted by individuals who don’t have the sort of legal exposure that OpenAI does as a giant organization. Those can be found on

MythoMax, ReMM SLERP, Mythalion and Weaver will all be happy to feed you all sorts of decent NSFW responses directly in their playground or via your API.

If you are not running a service then you might want to look into some of the UI front ends like KoboldAI and using as your backend or spinning up your own Colab Server and running a NSFW model.

While its a blow if you are running a business to lose access to OpenAI if you are just running a hobby project or personal one then might even be more flexible for whatever your use case is.

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