Apologize and know if I can get a second chance

What happens is that today I received an email saying that my account has been suspended for violating the rules, and when I read it I knew that I had done something wrong. I am an 18 year old girl and I know that it is not an excuse for what I did, but now that I have read the terms and conditions of use, I have finally understood that what I did was very wrong. I got carried away and now this has happened. I just would like to know if there is any way to make amends for what I did as I really enjoyed OpenAI despite what I did so now I want to apologize very sincerely and make it clear that I am very sorry for my behavior. I would understand if I am not given a second chance, but I want to make it clear that if I am given, I will not repeat what I did, I am very sorry and very ashamed of my behavior. If anyone who knows if this is possible or if any developer could contact me I would appreciate it. I really want to use these services again, and I am very ashamed of my behavior, so I ask for forgiveness even though I know I shouldn’t be forgived. Thanks for your attention and I am so ashamed. I tried to use the help center but it didn’t give me any solution, and besides, my biggest goal was to ask for forgiveness, but if I’m given a second chance I’ll take it without committing any stupid act again