Restore my account back plzzz

Janitor ai banned/deactivated my account and this is to restore it I haven’t been on janitor ai for a month then all of a sudden when i decided to get on it it banned me so can you restore it because i have nothing to do with it🧐…

OpenAI banned plenty of API accounts that had use history like the jailbreaks of that specific app/site.

Don’t put your API keys in other apps that try to hack for waifu sex talk…

For account issues, you’d have to go to, and click the lower-right icon for help messages. And use a supported browser in order to see it, likely only Edge.

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So basically I deleted my account called Starvingclown, and I want it back. I only deleted it so I could restart but now I can’t use any AI options since I don’t know OpenAI or KolboldAI, and LLM is not working, please restore my account, thanks.

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