New Plugins development now

New plugins are here, what do you think?

There are some new plugins that use Oauth which is great, but why is oauth so difficul?


@EricGT @shane.isbell @Foxabilo Thought you guys would have an opinion on this.

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I want to kindly request that notifications not be used in this manner. I must clarify that I am not affiliated with OpenAI and do not have the authority to influence the naming of Plugins or any other matters related to their services.

As a result, I will need to take the necessary steps to disable your ability to notify me in this way.

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Oh my we’re going back to the phonebook days :rofl:

Looking forward to A1 PDF Reader Xtreme

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Please provide a link to the official OpenAI documentation that supports the statement.


You are tagging your fellow commonly-seen forum users, not OpenAI.

Forum moderators are just those trusted to keep conversations on track.

While it is a good suggestion to consider, along with how plugins are presented and promoted in general, the forum is not routinely monitored by OpenAI for support issues. Those approving plugins for trust and safety or developing the web site features are not end-user-facing employees.

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This should not happen and should be careful not accepting these names

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Its the Yellow Pages all over again … call AAAAAAA Plumbing to get your Plumbing Plumbed.

But how will we know which ones are the good ones? Alphabetical always percolated the cream from the whey.

This has only gotten worst. Look at the top plugins now.

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Yes everyone naming their plugin now with AAA.

Theyve update their plugin review docs to stop this thankfully. I still think alphabetical is the worst way to order anything other than ALL

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