Phone number being rejected on signup

I’m trying to sign up to ChatGPT and when I get to the phone number section, it says “It looks like this is a premium phone number. Please provide a valid, non-premium phone number to continue.”

What does this even mean? What is a premium vs non-premium number? I have one mobile number that I’ve used for most of my life, why is it not accepted here when nobody else has an issue with it?

I’ve tried with adding 0, 00, 44 etc in front of it (UK/IOM number)

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Having the exact same problem with my UK mobile number also. Tried with and with the leading 0 but it makes no difference.

There doesn’t seem to currently be a solution for UK numbers, previous threads of a similar nature have been locked and generic instructions that work for most are given but they never work for the UK. Messages passed through the chat bot to ‘The Team’ just seem to be ignored, hoping a solution is figured out soon.

Have the same problem with estonian number :<

According to the comments: Bulgaria, UK, Hungary, Estonia, Uruguay and Cyprus Didnt Work by putting 00 before the numbers.

If anyone have fixes for those countries reply me. :thinking: Thanks :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem, and I’m from Uruguay

I tried with 0 and without 0 and the result is the same, and I’m from Uruguay

I have the same problem as a million other people! This can’t be good for business!

Chiming in… same problem… no reply from the useless support.

I too was extremely frustrated by this phone number issue while signing up but finally I found a guy on YT explaining the right solution and now I signed up for my ChatGPT account easily today evening.
He explains a little bit different thing abut “chatgpt identifying phone number as landline” but it worked the same for the premium phone number. Hope it works for all of the people. Here it is: