[Payment Issues] Why The ChatGPT Plus Isn't working word wide?!

I want to buy the new upgrade for ChatGPT, but it’s only available in the good old :us:
what can we do as non-US citizens?
could we expect this to be available any time soon in other regions of the world?


Same question here! OPENAI, TAKE MY MONEY!


I wasn’t even able to purchase using an American Card :confused:


Hello, Got same problem , not from USA, and credit card doesnt work.

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I think they have a problem with the stripe integration :rofl:
they should have asked chatGTP for the solution

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Well I was born in Stockton, California so I’m good!

No complaints here. Lol

They fixed the payment issues!
Now We are ChatGPT Plus…

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We still can’t pay, it’s a local US credit card,what they fixed?Help

Hi - same with me - from India I am not able to use my Indian card to make payment.

Can somebody help?

None of the credit or debit cards are working, not even business cards.

Thanks Parvind for your reply - can somebody from OpenAI take note please - best way is to provide payal as mode of payment?

I think this might be because of the RBI restrictions on recurring payments. One option would be give some discount and take payment for an entire year.

Even i am having the same issue. I tried with my credit and debit card and getting error “Payment Declined”. I had similar issue when i was trying to buy soundraw

i am from egypt i tried with many cards Visa and Mastercard and all of them declined , is there a solution for that ?

FYI, This is a community for software developers who develop apps using the OpenAI API; OpenAI customer service staff do not frequent this site, sorry to inform.






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Have you found a way to fix it yet? Im having the same problem purchasing CHatGPT Plus, I tried both 1 debit Master card and 1 Credit Visa Card. I just want OPENAI TO TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE, i need help please

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Same here, tried both us credit card and debit card, and all failed.

The Stripe experience is not good. Please take my money.

Hey folks, as was mentioned above, https://help.openai.com is the right place for these inquiries. Please open a ticket there. If the cards are all getting declined, it is likely we might not support your country currently.

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