Payment Issue – Charges Occurred Without Authorization

I’m facing an issue with my recent payments on OpenAI. My card was charged $5 each time without any authorization or rejection notice, yet the amount has not been credited to my OpenAI account. This has occurred twice now.

Has anyone else encountered a similar situation or can offer guidance on resolving this issue? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

Account and payment issues need to go through

What does your dashboard show under,

No billing history is shown

Then, most likely, one of two things has happened,

  1. For whatever reason you weren’t actually billed.
  2. You have another organization on your account which is the one into which you’ve deposited funds.

For Number 1 you’ll need to check with your financial institution. For Number 2, click on the organization in the top left corner of the Dashboard,

Then switch between any other different organizations your account is associated with and check the two places I suggested earlier.

It’s a personal account and there are no other organizations in it.
I have added a payment to the same account.

Then the next step would be to contact your financial institution and verify a transaction occurred, with whom, when, and for how much.

You’ll also need to get some type of transaction ID to pass along to support.