Anyone wanna make something w Me?

I made a nifty little tool that “magically” makes press releases for you when you have a new business or event to announce. It is called Press Go ( pressgo dot site )

The problem is that ChatGPT has pretty much made my web app look like a joke now. :sob:

So I am looking for a coder/partner who might be able to Frankenstein it with the API and create something new and cool that most businesses would really benefit from having!

Dmotel, i have projects that ive started, and im looking for a partner to work with too
Ive got the frame work done for the prototypes: need to set up environment and UI

  1. Quantum Communication Key Delivery system
  2. Signal Detection and Tracing System
  3. CHAT Dragon GPT4 Personalize the bot UI use your own color scheme Background, and favicon, add logo
  4. Access chat gpt via phone call or standard text message
  5. Electronic salvery detection and prevention system . The Human Atonomy Project.

Im open to work on your specific project too.

Very Respectfully,

Will D.
512 656 5205