Looking for a study buddy / partner to brainstorm ideas and use-cases

Title says it all really. Ive been playing around with the openai api for the past 12-odd months. Ive came up with a few ideas and “techniques” if you will.

Looking to share and get feedback on some of these ideas whilst also being open to alternative inputs and colaboration. Anyone who is genuinely serious about committing a few hours each week to see what we can achieve with this amazingly powerful tool get in touch lets see what we can dream up (or teardown…i.e bad idea, together.

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I’m swamped at the moment, but good luck in your search!

maybe share some ideas first, in order to raise interest in them. otherwise its just too vague. there are a lot of “idea guys” out there. there’s no time for that :slight_smile:

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what kind of ideas you are working on, and more details about you helps… I use transformer architectures for question answering. GPT seems to be able to synthesise from documents and so keen to explore.

In a nutshell, outline each one of your ideas in bullet points for people to see what is their level of interest