API access as a ChatGPT Plus Subscriber

On December 13, 2023, I subscribed to the $20 ChatGPT Plus plan. However, I am still getting acquainted with the various concepts and features associated with ChatGPT. To put it simply, my current issue is related to using an extension in Visual Studio Code for Mac called ChatGPT - Genie AI. Here’s a breakdown of the steps I’ve taken and the problem I encountered:

  1. I installed the ChatGPT - Genie AI extension in Visual Studio Code.

  2. After submitting my first prompt, I received a message asking me to enter my OpenAI API Key.

  3. I followed the provided link to the OpenAI API Keys page: platform. openai. com/account/api-keys.

  4. On the OpenAI API Keys page, I selected the ‘+ Create new secret key’ button, created a new secret key, copied it, and entered it into Visual Studio Code.

  5. After entering the API key, I pressed enter, and I was redirected to the ChatGPT - Genie AI sidebar.

  6. I then entered my first prompt and encountered the following error message:

HTTP 404 Not Found. You may have exhausted your OpenAI subscription allowance or have an expired account. You can clear your API Key from VS Code’s [secrets storage](code. visualstudio. com/ api/ references/ vscode-api#SecretStorage) with Genie: Clear API Key command. Check your allowance and account’s expiration date here:
*platform. openai. com/ account/ usage.
“error”: {
“message”: “The model gpt-4-1106-preview does not exist or you do not have access to it. Learn more: help. openai. com/ en/ articles/ 7102672-how-can-i-access-gpt-4.”,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”,
“param”: null,
“code”: “model_not_found”

  1. Upon checking the OpenAI account usage cost and activity pages, I noticed that everything was showing as zero.

In summary, my question is whether I need to pay for additional credits to use the ChatGPT - Genie AI extension in Visual Studio Code, even though I am already a $20 per month ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

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Hi, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

ChatGPT and the OpenAI API platform are two separate things. Very broadly speaking, one’s black and one’s white.

The white one, you have to pay what you use. the black one, you pay a monthly subscription.

The extension you’re talking about seems to require an API key, from the white platform. To use that, you have to add a payment method, and you will be charged for what you use (or what the app uses).

Your spending on the white platform has no bearing on your standing on the black platform, and vice versa. You can be a tier 5 white platform user and still use chatgpt basic.

In general, IMO, it’s not a super good idea to hand out your API keys to random apps - but that’s your business. If you want a subscription based AI pair programmer, I’d suggest github’s copilot.


that’s such confusing design and communication. why can I add an api-key in my openai plus account, when I can’t use it because it’s a separate thing? this should be separate accounts if the products are completely separate.

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@andreas.beer thats such a great and valid question. agullard107 what did you end up doing about this problem?
@Diet, when you use a subscription based AI pair like github’s copilot, do you receive an API key that can be used for ChatGPT or as a API key for applications that want a ChatGPT key conifgured?

No. GitHub Copilot is a separate service provided by a different company.

They are two products offered by the same company.

You have one account—an OpenAI account.

This OpenAI account can be used to access either the API or ChatGPT or both.