Over the weekend made a GPT to turn Photos into muppets! My close ones have been loving it and wanted to bring anyone a smile

Hello, over the weekend made a GPT to turn photos into muppets! :joy: My family and friends have been trying it out and are having fun. Wanted to share in case it brings any smile to anyone.

To test is out, go to the Muppet Maker link: george.m.j.zak | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree


Source images below before the GPT turned them to muppets:

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Just FYI as trademarks and brand guidelines have been in heavy discussion on the forum recently.

“Muppet” is a registered trademark of Disney, Disney is notorious for their zealous approach to protecting their IP.

I’m not an OpenAI employee, so do what you will, but I strongly urge you to consider renaming your GPT because, as is, I do not foresee it being long for this world.

Just my :coin::coin:


Not just Muppets, but including Sesame Street in your instructions is a bad idea.

Also, why are you not just providing a link to the GPT, instead of going through link tree?

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Thank you for the input, you are right let me update. And here is the link:

Thank you very much, you are right let me
Update it and it’s true, we have to attest to guidelines.

Appreciate the feedback :blush:

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Hello! Does this still work?

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Hi, yes I just tried it.

Dope! Not sure what I’m doing wrong then. :joy:

Yeah this doesn’t really appear to work that well anymore?

Once I had a subscription that allowed images, it worked for me. It’s fun!!! I need to select some different images. My likeness isn’t as on par as the ones above.