Custom GPT image creation

I have been working on a custom GPT that is aimed at helping teach Spanish, but part of the project requires image creation (preferably though DALL-E), but it is inconsistent, as it will sometimes leave code or not make an image at all. Is there some key words or way to make it more consistent in producing images?

GPT-4o “sees” in a similar way as DALL-E produces.

You can use this to ask ChatGPT to use computer vision to reproduce the image as a prompt that can be sent to DALL-E.

Then you can weave that into a template that can be used to instruct the Spanish AI in general item production. Also you can have your tool that actually sends the API request talk to DALL-E’s AI that is used on the API to rewrite language, creating a container such as “this is the exact prompt that will produce the desired image, send it unaltered: xxx” within the actual prompt that you send.

You cannot use DALL-E and expect any consistent text, though. You can only specify what you want exactly to not get text written.

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I’ve been getting an error from ChatGPT over the past 4-5 days when trying to have it generate images. The nature of the error has been “It seems there are persistent issues with generating images with …”

Anyone else having issues with DALL-E not generating images via ChatGPT 4o requests?