A GPT Success Story - Transforming Photos into Lego

Hello OpenAI Community,

I’m excited to share the raising success of my recent GPT project that’s capturing the imagination of diverse audiences. This GPT, whimsically turns photos into Lego-style images, has been a hit among friends, family, and colleagues but has also garnered significant interest across various social media platforms.
Key Milestones:

  • Launched on 16th December, the tool quickly attracted over 120+ users on the first 11 hours of last Saturday.
  • By (today) 22nd December, the user base grew to 391, showcasing a remarkable week-long growth trajectory.

Link to the GPT: Lego Visionary - GPT

Broad Appeal: The GPTs appeal spans across demographics, including social media teams, families creating Christmas memories, and even a singing group sharing their “Lego-fied” images online. Obviously, it’s not just about entertainment, people are using it for charitable causes as friends even decided to support a charity for animal shelters I support, adding a meaningful dimension to the tool’s usage.

Increasing Demand to access for ChatGPT: One exciting development is the rising interest in OpenAI’s GPT technology itself. Many users, surprised by the capabilities of the tool, are asking guides about how to access and purchase premium ChatGPT accounts. This interest highlights the potential of GPT to captivate and engage users beyond its immediate functionality and many want to learn to create similar tools.

Next Steps: As the project continues to evolve, I’m focusing on expanding its use cases, gonna release another one tomorrow, as for tis GPT im leveraging user feedback for improvement, and exploring new partnerships. The experience so far has been incredibly rewarding, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it leads.

I hope this story inspires fellow GPT builders and sparks new ideas in the community. I love to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve!

Thank you for your support encouragement and happy holidays, truly yours.
George M. J. Zak


This is awesome. Turned a real avatar image to this. LOL

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hahah that avatar looks great! Some friends have been using it so far and the results are surprisingly GOOD. Happy to hear you liked it.

Wonderful! Would be great if u would like to share insights of your work.

What kind of decisions have you made about knowledge?

How have you reached this quality?

Any suggestions about the instructions?

Do u use custom actions?

Here’s my first attempt:

Input: A random house from Internet:


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Hey thank you for the feedback! Interesting the model must have gone haywire at the words “random” and “house”, let me update tomorrow once I wake up since I got now into the 3 hour cap message window.

Yeah, it’s hard to make these GPT’s always do what you want.

My actual prompt was exactly this text: Transform this photo into LEGO.

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Interesting, i have updated the GPT. I always like to see how this AI systems understand and process natural language, sometimes you see in MidJourney or DallE, for vision is interesting as we actually see hallucinations but in text it’s harder. However here we see the effect how each can understand a certain word stronger than other to make it word properly, like fine tuning its own language. A good example is we see now also gpt style being memed online, such as „a tapestry of colors”. :smiley: