Enabling colleague plugin developers

One of the super awkward parts of ChatGPT plugin development within a team is that I’m the only developer at my company with access. I’d love to “give away” at least one of the allowed 15 signups to someone else who is programming with me.

How could we help this along?


It would also be nice to allow people who aren’t developers to help me test. I realize it’s an alpha, but having your own testers, people you can count on to test for you is helpful.


I’m in the same boat. It’s super tough because we can’t get a lot of testing done


I see your point. I can’t speak for OpenAI, but I think the idea is that you’d be responsible for your own plugin traffic either by rate-limiting, or passing the costs off to the user by charging them, or somehow monetizing your plugin. But you can’t monetize it during alpha. All those costs are on the developer.

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I just noticed there was a past thread on this

@logankilpatrick can I get access to those in my org granted?

Hi Guys, if you need a hand, I have a little free time to see if I can test some of your features as I am Software Dev in Test. Cheers Gene