OpenAPI Spec Keeps Reverting

Has anyone else had an issue with their openapi.json file reverting back to a previous api version and it keeps popping the whole openapi spec instead of mine? Its happened to me non-stop today. Im only pulling one endpoint from a public

Yes, happens all the time for me. I have to delete the action and add it back again for changes to stick. Yuck!

Same. They should update the OpenAI status page as clearly something is happening.

A couple of days ago I was updating a spec to add a new parameter, the UI showed it as in place when I went in and out of the editor, yet requests failed on that parameter. Next day I found the parameter had disappeared and the spec had reverted, so it never actually took effect and likely failed preflight validation. Deleting the action, bumping the version again and re-adding was necessary. Today the action isn’t working at all, falling back to saying it’s using an unknown plugin, showing the json but not invoking. Need to accept it’s buggy at the moment with teething problems.

I have also found that if I change either the knowledge file or an action that my gpt loses its mind and won’t work properly until I delete and re-add both the knowledge file and the action.

It seems gpts have an underlying versioning system that is seemingly malfunctioning.