Actions cannot change the server url

I am using ngrok so each time I restart I have to update the openapi spec and I do then click to right Save button but it keeps making calls to the old address even when I instruct it in the chat.

This apparent caching of the GPT specification has been observed in other contexts as well.

The best solution I’ve found is to just copy the YAML or JSON for your action, delete the faulty action, and paste your specifically into a new action.

This seems to be enough to force enough things back to some sort of default state that the actions will start working again.

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That worked thanks! Now if only we could access our Custom GPT and Actions by making requests to api endpoints programatically…

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Sometimes even when I delete the Action, make a new one, pressing Test on the UI results in an error then I paste my openapi spec in the chat, tell it to fix its call, give it a query and then it works. So the Test button alone can lead to wrongful calls.

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