V4 TypeScript / Node SDK for OpenAI API

We’re excited to announce a major new version of our TypeScript/Node SDK for the OpenAI API!

Version 4 offers a huge set of improvements – some of the highlights include:

  • Streaming responses for chat & completions
  • Carefully crafted TypeScript types
  • Support for ESM, Vercel edge functions, Cloudflare workers, Deno
  • Better file upload API for Whisper, fine-tune files, DALL·E images
  • Improved error handling through automatic retries & error classes
  • Increased performance via TCP connection reuse
  • Simpler initialization logic

If you’ve used a previous version of our SDK, check out the migration guide.

Otherwise, you can get started today by running npm i openai

NPM: openai - npm

Github: GitHub - openai/openai-node: Node.js library for the OpenAI API


That’s Great thanks for sharing @logankilpatrick

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