Come work on our Screenwriting Assistant app!

Hey all,

With the release of GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003) and the coming release of GPT-4 and ChatGPT, there’s never been a better time to join a Generative AI startup. We build at the intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and we’re obsessed with movies.

People all over the Internet are posting and tweeting short stories and scripts written using the ChatGPT playground, but what professional screenwriters are going to need is a structured app designed for them.

Come work on it with us at CyberFilm AI! Our founding team has 15 years Hollywood experience screenwriting and directing (AD), so we know what it takes. For more on our vision read: How AI can benefit Hollywood and solve its most pressing needs (Part 1/3) | by Russell S.A. Palmer | Medium

We’re also working on a Storyboard Generator using DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, if you’re interested (sign up for free Beta trial at - thanks!

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Sounds interesting but where is your website? What are you looking for? Programmers? Writers? Engineers?


Thanks! We’re looking for programmers/engineers, who are familiar with buildings modern apps (Web app, and/or mobile). Should also be familiar with the GPT-3 API and prompt engineering techniques.

Shoot me a DM if interested and I can show you more, including our latest prototype demo!

If you’d like some websites with more information about us, see below but note we are stealth mode pre-launch so no marketing sites public until then:

Hi Russell, I’m a media professional from Munich, Germany. Together with my business partner and co author Prof. Taç Romey (HFF Munich), we’re helping script writers, film- and series producers etc. using AI (e.g. GPT3) for developing fictional concepts, scripts etc… Let’s get in touch - I contacted you also on LinkedIn :smiley:


Great, let’s chat more on LinkedIn and email! Thanks for reaching out.

Talk soon,


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Hey all,

I just want to say i can vouch for Russell and his team . Russell was kind enough to reach out to me a few months ago and we demoed each other’s systems to each other. His script writing and storyboarding system is SUPER cool! Sure to be a big thing!

And Russell is a stand up guy. I can recommend you work with him without any reservation and his system is going to go places.

I can’t wait until his system is paired with Unreal 5 AI and just starts spitting out movies! ;p

Good luck guys!

Here’s something I was working on over the summer. Feel free to nick any ideas - and might be worth having a chat if you like the ideas in here (there’s a link to the github in the video)…

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Sure happy to chat and discuss ideas, and where we can collaborate. I’ll DM you my email!

I just developed a short story with the assistance of Openai, and I have a screenplay I wrote in 2010, a vampire screenplay that I would love to do AI storyboarding with…it’f very visual and I have a Mood board already. My screenplay reads more like a stageplay so it needs work. I will apply. Been using Openai for months.

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Hey Markus! I am a freelancing writer giving workshops on AI & Screenwriting in Berlin. Would love to get in touch!

Hey Trist, let‘s meet on LnkedIn, ok? Might be a bit easier as I’m not often here. Look - See you there, hopefully :slight_smile:

mhm, didn’t find you in linkedin, maybe you don’t like it. so maybe via email: - see you :slight_smile: