OpenAI Dev Day 2023 Live Reactions

Post your live reactions here!

And we’re live!

OpenAI page with complete breakdown of everything new:

And it’s over. An absolute whirlwind, so many new toys!

Have fun out there everyone, now go build something cool!


GPT-4-Turbo just got announced. I am very excited.

Oh my token. 128k tokens… WAT

JSON mode?? :sob: Logprobs ayyyyyyyyooo


API reference F5ing intensifies

That price decrease is insane… oml

No more clicking, wooooo!

customizable GPTs woooo!!

I have a couple ideas already looming for some custom agents. This will be HUGE.
Oh my god it finally makes sense why they have those suggested prompts.

GPT Store yusssss. Revenue sharing? :exploding_head:

Should’ve called this event OpenAImas :santa:

Integration into our own applications & JSON mode. Wow. It’s beautiful :face_holding_back_tears:

Wow. Being able to integrate CI is insane. No more worrying about math issues. BRUH

OpenAI has just completely revolutionized applications going forward… This … I am not going to be able to sleep for weeks.

@Foxalabs congratz on your free credits!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

That presentation hit like Mike Tyson. Short, fast, knocked me right tf out


DALL-E GPT-4-Vision and GPT-4-Turbo API released TODAY!

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On to new things!

GPT-4 TURBO! (Smarter than GPT-4)

Six things:

  1. Context length: 128k tokens! Better over long contexts.
  2. More control:
    • JSON mode
    • Better function calling
    • Set seed
    • logprobs
  3. Better world knowledge:
    • Retrieval built in
    • Up to April 2023
    • New modalities:
      • DALLE-3
      • Vision
      • Voice in API
      • New whisper model
  4. GPT-4 Fine-tuning
    • custom models
    • rate limits double

Custom Models for businesses. Very Excited!


Copyright shield is going to really boost their business with any wary companies.


Price drop:

$0.01 / 1K In
$0.03 / 1K Out

$0.001 / 1K in
$0.002 / 1K out

“Copilot”? Missed out on a preview of what’s coming in Windows 11 for free:

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  • Unified model!
  • Custom GPTs
    • can share with others!

GPT’s lets gooo! I am very excited to create my own.

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Custom GPTs is going to EXPLODE the use of GPT models in a whole new way.


There’s going to be a MILLION GPTs by the end of the year! A new gold rush!



@RonaldGRuckus Check this out:

They had to drop the price, if the context was saturated with 128K tokens (just insane)-figure 120k in and 8k out: That’s ~$1.44 / round-trip.

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The pip package was updated to 1.0.1 2 hours ago, but still doesnt seem to support the beta features:

AttributeError: ‘OpenAI’ object has no attribute ‘beta’

And the code examples have a typo…

client = OpenAI()

my_assistant = openai.beta.assistants.create(

Should be client.beta.assistants in the way they defined it

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Persistent threads for saving your entire conversation! (Extra Words)

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The assistants API endpoint is going to be insane.


He just gave out 2.5 thousand dollars worth of credits to 5 random people in the audience. He then gave EVERYONE in the audience 500 dollars worth of credits.

Are we going to have access to gpt-4-turbo today? It changes my plans quite a bit.

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