Openai data retention policy

I am going to integrate openai APIs into my application and want to know how to enable ZDR to secure my data.

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Quick Google search gave me this…

OpenAI may securely retain API inputs and outputs for up to 30 days to identify abuse. You can also request zero data retention (ZDR) for eligible endpoints if you have a qualifying use-case. For details on data handling, visit our Platform Docs page.


Hello and welcome to the community! I believe this article could be helpful to you: link to the article.

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I think they want API which would be enterprise agreement… You linked consumer…

Commonly asked questions about how we treat user data for OpenAI’s non-API consumer services like ChatGPT or DALL·E

Thank you for replying, I saw these pages actually, but they are not explaining how to enable it, they are just saying you can enable it, but how? @Innovatix @PaulBellow

can you explain what “our API product” means, please? @Innovatix

As per my knowledge, there wasn’t a specific “button” to enable Zero Data Retention (ZDR) for OpenAI’s API. it is a policy that OpenAI adhered to for all users of the API.

No, the data retention is 30 days by default, but it can be 0, I am asking about how to make it 0
Please check this “OpenAI Platform”

You likely need to reach out to and explain what you want and see what they need.

Good luck. Feel free to come back and let us know how it goes…

Ah, I didn’t read down far enough. Good on OpenAI for cross-linking them, though! :wink:

Thanks for the assist.

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I am also looking for a solution to enable the ZDR for my account. I have raised the request by filling out the Sales Contact Us form.
I wanted to know if you got any response on this from the team.

Hello @shubham.gupta, welcome to the community

Up until today, the OpenAI team has not contacted me. I initially received an email from them, but since then, no response from team. they are overburdened with request like me.


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Okay, thanks for responding back.

Any chance to see what endpoints are “eligible”?


I’m having the same problem. I have contacted the sales team through the form on the platform page, but no signs of life from them. It feels like I’m just being ghosted. Has anyone been successful in even getting to the point of submitting a ZDR request? And if so, can you share how you got to that point?

Hi All, Hope you all are doing good! Looking at the trail, wanted to know if anyone has been able to successfully get ZDR policy approved?

If someone has got this done, do you know how to verify if this policy has been updated to be ZDR?
Thanks in advance!!