Zero Data Retention Information

Have looked up and down for more information on ZDR for the OpenAI API product and eligible endpoints. Have submitted sales requests as directed, here, multiple times, and followed up on those follow ups.

No settings in the OpenAI account portal, no concrete language in privacy or data policies, no known or obvious API parameters to be passed.

It’s mentioned that ZDR “can be requested” which would imply that the base policies do not cover ZDR out of the box. The standards retention is 30 days for the “eligible endpoints” - this does not seem to be the same as "Not training our models on your data. Your data is still retained for up to 30 days for review.

Has ANYONE been able to get any concrete information or advice on Zero Data Retention or enabling Zero Data Retention on eligible endpoints?

Doesn’t seem like this should be as hard as it’s been.

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If you require a ZDR agreement because you are processing PHI you can request a BAA at, once you have that you’ll at least have a point of contact with whom to broach the subject of a ZDR agreement.

If you just want a ZDR because you just want one, that will likely be a steeper hill to climb.

For trusted customers with sensitive applications, zero data retention may be available.

So, you’ll need to be a “trusted” customer and be able to establish you’re dealing with sensitive information and that your application doesn’t otherwise violate OpenAI’s usage policies.


Yeah, we’re a healthcare company and a user may or may not unintentionally discuss PHI with some semblance of GPT. Thanks for the info, will look into that. Appreciate it.

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