We submitted our app for review 3 weeks ago and we've received no response

Is this happening to anyone else? We submitted our app 3 weeks ago, someone on the OpenAI team was even able to sign in on our platform, but they’ve gone quiet since.
I’ve tried asking for an update on Intercom and via email but no one has gotten back to us.
Does anyone know what’s going on?
If anyone on the OpenAI team reads this, could we get some help here, please?

I don’t know what’s going on either, I emailed them a question about a use case and it’s been weeks with no response. Did skynet kill everyone at the company? Lol

It actually feels like nobody has worked there for weeks

Hey folks, sorry you’re having trouble - it definitely shouldn’t be weeks to get a response! We generally reach out within 2 business days (usually less). Sometimes our approval emails go to spam, so definitely worth checking there. If you still can’t see anything, feel free to DM me or email safety-specialists@ and we’ll figure out what happened.


I sent the email, thank you Rosie.

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