Openai combined with social work and experience work in for flemish and dutch people


I want to combine the belgium social workframe with the dutch framework and the work of brenee brown into a flemish-dutch version of and solution focused work developped by Inso Kim In Berg and Steve De Shazer. I was schooled as a social worker in hogeschool pxl and i am currently studying experience work in uccl ssh (sociale school heverlee). I also met a wunderfull guy, I am queer lbgti activist in belgium and the netherlands.

I am starting my own non-profit to improve the wellbeing together with theory and framework of my positive health. The non-profit will be ready together with my new business in september 2022. Still learning how to develop code as.

I have some social workers and ICT people who already support this idea.

One of the end product would be a dutch-flemish app for a school for children with autism and my old art-school. My social work and experience goal is to develop a new recovery based method.

Any suggestions? Balances and checks?


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