I/O INSTITUTE (Research Lab)

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We would like to share our non-profit (501(c) 3) mark with this community to build the I/O INSTITUTE research lab in psycholinguistics named the Psychology of Law (ΛMES.ΛI - EDUCATION).

This team request supersedes the original post: National Institute of Health : Call for Collaboration.

We recognized the interrelated relationship in the symbolism of “I/O” that we can resolve with Φ.

The Goal @m-a.schenk

To create a machine learning model using NLP that expands mental healthcare services supervised by clinicians that assists this field in addressing the current mental health crisis, expand I/O of services, and automate clinical processes.



I believe that undiagnosed and untreated trauma is the greatest existential threat to the human race. Sign me up. Here’s my resume.

The right information at the right moment changes lives. The right information at the right moment saves lives.

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Let’s link up : harold@ames.ltd

Hi I am Nathan Cottle .
DR.AMES sent me this message ~ Maybe you want to collaborate with the I/O INSTITUTE (www.i-o.institutei) in it’s consortium for ΛI PSYCHOLOGY​™. I think we have similar goals in mind, see similar threads: @Kopaka@daveshapautomator
I am very keen to make this world a better place for ALL !
Please feel free to contact me if we can work together in the near future.
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Nathan Cottle
The Future Is Now !
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