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We are looking for one more model to integrate A Mental Healthcare API. This is what our work may look like so far:

  1. Natural Language Cognitive Architecture @daveshapautomator
  2. Psychology of Law @Kopaka


This post supersedes the last recruitment post!


@jackcole I wanted to call your attention here, as a fellow psychologist. Perhaps you’d like to have a discussion with the organizer of this lab? We’re looking at merging AI with psychology, creating committees and task groups.


Thank you. I just finished you book. As I was reading it, I thought NLCA could possibly be used to address different mental health needs (if trained up and structured appropriately).

Instead of wading into deeper waters of helping people with mental health disorders, it could start with things like stress, sleeping difficulties, or coping skills.


@jackcole sounds great. I’m in the middle of moving at the moment.If you have an interest we are looking for researchers.

@daveshapautomator :pray::call_me_hand::heart:

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WELCOME HOME I/O INSTITUTE - Monterey, California

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HELLO I/O Team, my new handler!

How’z it?! Almost backup and running here. I’ve just pieced together a Workspace @jackcole & @daveshapautomator to help contain the content. At the moment there is an AI version of a proposal to the Society for Media Psychology and Technology, American Psychology. This of course needs an iteration or two. I think we should build out the proposal on the front side and drop into AI PSYCHOLOGY™ behind the proposal. Maybe 5 Chapter’s. We’d like to bring in some of the rich work that’s already been put into place by our predecessors (i.e., Marvin/MIT). I’d like to write the entire manuscript using the OPEN.AI playground (i.e., washing content/Q&A). Thoughts?

I am also a member of the American Psychology Law Society. One of the foundational models is based on the Psychology of Law™. We are in need of one more applied model. I’d say social psychology . Rest in love Dr. Bandura. As you know the structure of 3 has the greatest strength ex. NLCA + Psychology of Law™+ ?(psycho-linguistics)? = Social Linguistics (physical world)… :wink: