Individual development social association

A project that aims to develop society through the individual. homeless, recyclers, schools, centers, colleges, businesses. All united for the development of society .projects such as: mitigating hunger, empowering individuals, developing society, cultural projects, and specifically mental health for all .
About mental health , I am suffering from the disease called depression , in the middle of this project I installed a chat on my website as an attendant , I had an idea in the service tests why not curse, offend and see the reaction of the AI ​​attendant , and it was surprising no human safely passes through this situation is offended and by no means lose reason , I see an evolution that we groan that learning AIs comes to help , to mitigate the causes of this world , we have to protect ourselves , use the tools in the right way , a new world has arrived and with our projects we can do even a little to transform our society for the better .

on ethics in IA projects :