OpenAI API keys in free account

I have genertaed openai api keys in the free account. But these keys are not working. I got this error
Screenshot 2023-09-03 112917

If keys does not give a few limits to use, what it is their purpose?

Is there any possiblility to get some free API credits in free account just for testing purpose?


Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

There is no “free account” for API. The use of the service costs money by the amount of data used.

There is only possibility of a free trial credit, which expires three months after you first created your OpenAI account.

Now you’ll need to purchase a credit balance in order to make calls.


Robo can you help me please I want the keys for Open AI

please can I have it please I want to use it .
I just want a reply.

What if you just want to go ahead and purchase a paid account and don’t want to fool with the free trial? My 'Free Trial" always returns a message about to many requests.

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Then go ahead and add a payment method and purchase $5 or more in prepaid credits. Your usage limit will be increased beyond “free tier”, and any free credit will still be employed first while it is unexpired or unexhausted.

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But the issue I’m having is when I try to add a payment method I get a “Slow down, too many request” message. That might not be the exact wording but something very close to that. I’m going to try it again in about 20 minutes.

That error message is sometimes still seen, and is something about the payment processor that OpenAI uses not being available (OpenAI uses up their own rate limit?)

There is no credit available in the free trial of this API as well. I am not able to use the API key right from creating it.

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The free trial period begins upon creation of the whole OpenAI account, and only applies to the first account created per phone number.

It can be a situation for many that you’ve been using ChatGPT, and created your OpenAI account just for that, and only later discovered the API after the credit had expired. ChatGPT came after API, allowing an OpenAI account to do something else, and then became how most people create an account.

You can check your “usage” page at, and there is a display on the right that would show if the particular account was granted a trial, and if so, the amount that expired. (expired=pink)

OpenAI sort-of acknowledged this happens, but the fastest rectification is to just put in $5 of paid credit yourself.

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