API Access using free tier


I would like to test and evaluate OpenAI GPT API for a project, and I’ve found about the free API tier here https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/rate-limits?context=tier-free , which supposedly allows for a very limited access of 3 requests per minute to the older 3.5 Turbo model.

Nevertheless, after creating a new API key and setting up a sample .NET project, I’m getting a “You exceeded your current quota” exception, yet I’ve not reached any of the limits stated on that document I linked above (In fact, I’ve not been able to get even one single request though).

Is there any additional requirement to test the API using the Free tier?



“Free tier” is if you were granted API credits through a promotion or trial.

OpenAI is no longer giving any credits to pay for use simply for those that sign up.

You will need to prepay for credits in order to use the API services, which are billed by the amount of language data used.

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Hello, I have one query here: I want to test openai api key before purchasing subscription of 5$ or more. Then is there any way. if yes then help me out.

The only thing you will be able to test without funding an API account with a minimum credit purchase (which is not a recurring subscription, but just pays for the API calls) is your ability to receive “429: check your billing” errors.

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can you brief me about pay as you do api request call.

Here is where you would add a payment method, and then purchase a credit that would be applied to your account:


Within a few hours, your new API key generated in a “project” then should make successful calls to OpenAI API models (a 429 error means it is not ready yet). You can also test in that site’s “playground” without needing to write code.

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I keep trying loading my account. the bank is deducting but the api credit balance stays at zero…it say transaction declined