Does even today openai provides free api credits?

I was wondering if I make a new account on openai will I get free credits or have they provided this earlier and now they have stopped it?

According to this post, updated just over a week ago:

To explore and experiment with the API, all new users get free $5 worth of free tokens. These tokens expire after 3 months.


i created a new account and didn’t get any free credits on that account :confused:

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You may be completely new to your attempts to use the API, but the amount of your trial grant indicates your OpenAI account was created over four months ago, when the free trial amount given was then changed to $5, but remained a three month expiration.

The solution is to put a payment method into the account management system for API.

Then read the terms of use about not transferring your api keys to others, which means not putting them into bring-your-own-key applications that make requests on your behalf.

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Under “Free Trial Usage”, there is a very subtle message that may be hard for some to discern the meaning of (but which you can ask ChatGPT about and it will explain): the text Expired 1-April-2023.

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You can try contacting support but know that response times have taken weeks. Best bet if you want to use the API soon is to add a payment method.